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Friday, October 8, 2010

Fallen--Very suprising read!

"Fallen"  by Lauren Kate

 My Facebook book club and been talking about this book for some time, so I finally decided to read it.  I'm not going to tell you much about the plot, because I don't want to give away what mythical creatures this series is about.  I actually hadn't heard yet, so it was a fantastic surprise for me!

This story reminded me a lot of "Twilight."  Its a forbidden love story across time.  Her name is Luce Price, and she's a juvenile deliquient sent away to a boarding school for troubled kids, Swork & Cross Boarding School.  His name is Daniel Grigori, and he seems to want nothing to do with Luce.  But Luce is strangely drawn to Daniel, and she can't figure out why.

Luce is a fascinating character, just like Bella Swan was.  She thinks she is going crazy, because from the time she was little, she sees these shadows that no one else seems to see.  When there is a fire at her school and her boyfriend is killed, she is the prime suspect.  But Luce can't remember anything but the "shadows."  So she is sent away to this "school" which is really more of a prison for kids with classes.

This book is an amazing thriller, and you just can't turn the pages fast enough!  I finished it in a day!  5 stars from me!

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