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Friday, June 22, 2012

My Reading Week Re-Cap

So after a couple of busy weeks of summer I've concluded that I don't really have much time for my blog!  I have read so many books this summer, and haven't really reviewed any of them!  I did rate them on Goodreads.  So I think I'm going to try to do just a weekly re-cap of my reading week.  If I'm able to have time to post more, then I will, but this atleast will motivate me to post at least once a week!  So here goes!


I haven't watch the TV show yet, and a few of my friends love this show!  So I thought I would read the books first, like I always do!  It was pretty good.  Very creepy in a lot of ways, which was a pleasant surprise!  I gave it 4 stars!


I LOVED this books!  I can't wait for its sequel!  The romance angst in this one was top notch!  I need to know what happens to Violet and Linc!  5 stars!


Since I'm from Iowa, I was really excited to read this one!  I always love reading books from Iowa.  This was no exception.  This book had a fabulous plot, characters, everything.  And great romance as well!  A great contemporary young adult book!  5 stars!


This was a great fantasy read!  It is actually classified as a  children's book; I think because of the reading level.  But the story has lots violence, and is worth reading!  Reminded me a little of Cornelia Funke's novels, which I love!  Gave this one 4 stars


Finally read the finale of the Vampire Kisses series.  I never really got hooked on this series.  It was just okay for me.  I did want to finish it though, just to find out what really happens to Raven and Alexander.  I won't give away any spoilers, but the ending satisfied me.  Almost kind of relieved this series is over!  Gave it 4 stars.

That wraps up my reading week!  I am currently reading:

which is very different, but good so far!  Hope your reading week went well, too!

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