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Monday, May 27, 2013

The Bane by Keary Taylor

352 pages, YA Dystopian
The Eden Trilogy #1
My rating: 4 stars


Before the Evolution there was TorBane: technology that infused human DNA with cybernetic matter. It had the ability to grow new organs and limbs, to heal the world. Until it evolved out of control and spread like the common cold. The machine took over, the soul vanished, and the Bane were born. The Bane won't stop until every last person has been infected. With less than two percent of the human population left, mankind is on the brink of extinction.

Eve knows the stories of the Evolution, the time before she wandered into the colony of Eden, unable to recall anything but her name. But she doesn't need memories to know this world is her reality. This is a world that is quickly losing its humanity, one Bane at a time.

Fighting to keep one of the last remaining human colonies alive, Eve finds herself torn between her dedication to the colony, and the discovery of love. There is Avian and West – one a soldier, one a keeper of secrets. And in the end, Eve will make a choice that will change the future of mankind.

The Bane is The Terminator meets The Walking Dead with a heart-twisting romance.

Previously published as Eden, due to reader demand it has been revamped and rereleased as The Bane: book one in The Eden Trilogy.

My 2 cents

I really enjoyed this dystopian read! Its has a sci-fi theme to it, and it made me think a little of Partials by Dan Wells or The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa just in some of the world building parallels. 

The Bane are part machine, part human. The way the book describes the cyborgs, it almost made me think of The Terminator. Humanity is almost beat at the time the novel opens. Eve is part of "Eden", a settlement of about 35 humans that have banded together over the last 4 years for survival. She has no memory before the end of the world. Avian and Gabriel, the village leaders, found her at age 14 naked and bloody, and adopted her. All she could remember was her name.

She has proven her worth, being one of the strongest and quickest members of the group. Avian and his sister Sarah are her best friends. Things go on, as normal as possible, until the Bane start getting more ruthless on their attacks. And then West and few others stumble into their camp and join their group.

Eve doesn't trust West at all, but she is drawn to him. He claims to know her from before the apocalypse. But is seems he might be hiding some pretty big secrets of his own. 

There is a love triangle in the story between Eve, West, and Avian, but it actually in a strange way makes sense, just because of who Eve really is. So it worked for me, and I was pleased that the triangle was wrapped up before the end of the story, and doesn't seem like its going to drag on through the whole trilogy.

The concept on this one isn't all that original, but the world building is still really well done. The characters were also well done, and I got to know each one of them well. There are a few unbelievable moments, especially in the beginning. There were a few times where I was confused, but I plowed through and I eventually got up to speed. This is the first in a trilogy, and I can't wait for "Human" which will be released this summer!

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