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Monday, August 25, 2014

Harrow by Amanda Troyer Blog Tour!

Sixteen-year-old Brenna doesn’t believe her vivid imagination
can hurt her, until she wakes up in a church, covered in blood.
Blood that isn’t hers.
She thinks her life can’t get much worse, but when she finally
finds a way to escape her abusive home, her imagination turns
to nightmarish hallucinations.
Niven likes staying inside the abandoned church, hiding from his
violent father. The two bond through art and misery, but Brenna
knows good things in her life don’t last long.
Her delusions take a horrific turn when she thinks she sees two men
gruesomely murdered by a monster in the church basement, but in
the end, she’s the one with blood on her hands.

Author's Playlist

I try to find music with little to no lyrics, or in a different language. I tend to sing along to things I know and forget that I'm writing. :)

With Harrow, I needed to creep myself out and the music I chose had to have noise and effects that made me jump out of my seat. If it wasn't creepy, I wanted it to make me really feel something. These are just some of the things I listened to while writing and editing.

I had a few go to stations on Pandora to feed me new music too. Lux Aeterna was definitely my favorite.

I'm so sad I can't put one of my favorite songs on the spotify list! It's the amazing inspiration for the Pandora station Lux Aeterna on the Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack. I don't know how it feels when someone who hasn't seen that movie hears it, but when I listen to it I get all weird feeling. Goosebumps and cold chills, from remembering the movie I think. I really love that song.

About the Author

Amanda hasn’t always been a reader, but she’s always been a daydreamer.  Once her sister started giving her young adult books, she realized books fuel her daydreams and has since become an avid reader and a writer as well.  You can connect with her online here:

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