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Friday, September 19, 2014

Reading Cram 2.0: Chills and Thrills Readathon!

Last December Jenny @JuliaBabyJen'sReadingRoom and I hosted the #ReadingCram. There were 100 participants and we had so much fun. There were hosts who had challenges and giveaways. We had several twitter reading sprints. It was lots of fun.

WE ARE HOSTING A HALLOWEEN THEMED READATHON!! This time we have two more hosts Rachel @APerfectionCalledBooks and Little Red Reads

It starts October 24th and runs until Halloween October 31st.
You have to read spooky themed books:

 You must post a Sign Up Post (Must be linked down below in the linky, this is to spread the word) Must have our graphic Links to our blogs Name, dates of the read-a-thon Any personal goals (optional) You may put up your post on your blog, Tumblr, or Youtube (if you don't have a blog)

 Please tweet using #ReadingCram. To stay updated and to share what your reading.
Thanks so much! We are hoping for this to be loads of fun. We had a blast last time reading with everyone!!
Here are the challenges that we have come up with! Use the form below if you would like to host one! The orange ones are the taken ones! There are a limited number of spots BUT if you really want to host we are doing another #ReadingCram in December to tackle those goodreads challenges! So if you don't get a challenge and really want to we can schedule you early for one of those!

Oct 24-- TBR challenge--List what booksyou are planning to read for the readathon, on your blog, YouTube, etc. You don't have to stick to the list FYI :)
Oct 25--Teaser Challenge--randomly open the book you are reading and post 2 sentences from the read ADDING 3 spooky/Halloween words of your choosing into the teaser! Post on Twitter, blogs, YouTube, etc.
Oct 26--A recreation of a book title and/or book cover (recreating in whatever way, drawing, acting, a photo, painting, etc).  Like Fangirl is fanggirl. The night circus as the fright circus. 
Oct 27--Song Challenge--Pick any of your creepy reads and pick a song that best describes that book (or feel of the book) OR make a playlist for the book! Post on any social network. You can even do a Spotify playlist and embed in your blog post!
Oct 28--Spell it out Challenge--Pick one of the following words: Ghost, Witch, Zombie, Howl--using each letter, find a title of a book they've read this year to "spell it out." FOR EXAMPLE
G  Graceling by Kristin Cashore
H  Hollow City by Ransom Riggs
O Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz
S  Sanctum by Sarah Fine
T  Timebound by Rysa Walker

Q,X,and Z the letters can be anywhere in the title. Post on social media somewhere.

Oct 29. Scary Make Up Challenge--Make themselves up to look scary and share a pic! They can base if off of a character, or just go crazy! Doesn't have to be gory necessarily, whatever constitues "scary" to them! Hosted by LITTLE RED READS
Oct 30 Twitter Synopsis Challenge--Make up their own synopsis for a scary book (made up story) using 166 characters or less. Post on any social media

Oct 31 Wrap Up challenge with Costume challenge (optional)  Do a readathon wrap up on your blog, YouTube, whatever of what you read!  and also post a pic or dress up in your Halloween costume! That part is optional, only if you want to! Hosted by DANASQUARE

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