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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi

341 pages, YA dystopian, Sci-Fi
Under the Never Sky #2
My rating: 5 stars


It's been months since Aria last saw Perry. Months since Perry was named Blood Lord of the Tides, and Aria was charged with an impossible mission. Now, finally, they are about to be reunited. But their reunion is far from perfect. The Tides don't take kindly to Aria, a former Dweller. And with the worsening Aether storms threatening the tribe's precarious existence, Aria begins to fear that leaving Perry behind might be the only way to save them both.

Threatened by false friends, hidden enemies, and powerful temptations, Aria and Perry wonder, Can their love survive through the ever night?

In this second book in her spellbinding Under the Never Sky trilogy, Veronica Rossi combines fantasy and dystopian elements to create a captivating love story as perilous as it is unforgettable.

My 2 Cents

This one will be hard to review without giving away any spoilers, but I'll try my best!  Obviously, I loved it!  It was even better than the first book, which is always awesome!  Its been a few months since we left the events in the first novel, but we start right off with Perry finding Aria, and her coming back with him to the Tides.  The first half of the story is rather bleak, but things pick up quickly, and then its constant action to the finish!

One of the best things of this story is the characters.  They leap off the page, and feel to me like real people!  Perry-- I really enjoyed him better in the first book.  In this story, his love for Aria and fear of losing everything seems to get in his way a lot, and he acts pretty stupid about things for awhile.  He does redeem himself by the end though!  Aria--My second favorite character.  She started off so weak in the first story, but in this one, she's the strong one for Perry, Roar, and pretty much everyone in the Tides!  She's calculated when it counts, and makes some smart decisions!  Roar--My favorite character!  I could see a lot of fans after this one lobbying for Roar and Aria to get together, but I think its great that they have this great friendship.  Both of them really need someone at their backs.  Roar is mostly the comic relief, but in this story, we get to see his serious side.  By the end of the story, you will crying for Roar!  Liv--We finally get to meet her in this story (unless you've read the short story, Roar and Liv already) and she is nothing like what we thought.  Or is she?  There is a major roller coaster ride with her, so I'll let you all judge for yourselves!  Cinder--He isn't as much in this story, but he does play a pivotal role.  We start to learn a few of his secrets, but there is still a lot left to learn!  He's a really interesting boy!  Reef--We get to learn a lot about Reef in this story, although he still feels like a side character in some respects.  He becomes Perry's right hand man, and although they start to become closer, its doesn't feel like a true friendship yet.  But I'm awfully glad he's around for Perry!

As I've said, the last half of the story is nonstop action and the ending sets things up nicely for the final book.  The story building is even better in this novel, and the Aether storms are truly frightening!  Between some of the members of the Tides, other rival tribes, Sable, Hess, and the Aether, Perry and Aria have plenty of challenges to overcome!  I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

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