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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

End of the Year 2013 Reading Cram--Teaser Challenge

Today is Day 2 in the read-a-thon!  The first day started off very promising to me!  Actually, I officially started late Sunday night.  Here is my progress so far!

Day 1
Shift by Hugh Howey--Finished  243 pages
One Tiny Lie by K.A. Tucker-- Finished 366 pages
A Spark Unseen by Sharon Cameron-- 105 pages

So not bad so far!

Teaser Challenge

Today's challenge is easy! Find a random page in the book you are reading, and post 2 "teaser" sentences!

"I walked with affected dignity to the back door of my house, willing Mr. Babcock's short legs to run faster down the stairs.  When I turned back toward the garden, the cigarette beside the rosebushes was where it had been, silent and still glowing."


  1. Ooh, interesting teaser! I'm definitely curious as to what's happening! Does she want Mr. Babcock to follow her? Who put that cigarette there? So many questions haha. Thanks for sharing.

    Here's my teasers at Bookmunchies (:

    1. I know, it is a good teaser! These are really fun books!

  2. I love getting to read teasers! Though they're very aptly named. *sigh* =)

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  4. Oops - let's try that again!

    Here's my teaser. And on Twitter here!

  5. And here's my teaser:
    Loved yours! What an interesting teaser!

  6. Wow you're making great progress :) As for me, not so much :(
    Your teaser is really intriguing though :D

    - Farzy @ Books Keep Me Sane

    1. I'm sorry, but I will fall behind today, had to work all day--so it'll hopefully even out in the end!


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