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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday--Characters I Wish Had Their Own Books

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Top Ten Characters I Wish Would Get Their Own Book

10.  Gavin  Cocky and arrogant, but at the same time, hilariously funny, I'm DYING to know what goes on in his head!

9. Captain Thorne   If you've read Cress, you understand completely! He's becoming one of my favorite characters of this series!

8. Peeta  I just LOVE him! I would love some more back story on Peeta, and maybe some of his thoughts throughout the first book especially!

7. Po  One of the best characters ever written. Anything written with Po's POV would make me happy!

6. Roar  Swoon. I LOVE Roar, he's easily my favorite character in this series. I want a book from his POV only as a sequel of events AFTER this trilogy ends. He needs a happily ever after!

5. Zuzana  Crazy, lovable Zuzana. A book from her POV would not be boring!

4. Mik  I really want inside of Mik's head! 

3. Hector  I want a life story of this man. I'm not kidding! I'd read book after book with his POV!

2. Lupin Any story with Lupin would be great, but I would love a series written from his POV during the time he attended Hogwarts. I know it would be amazing! 

1. Snape  My favorite character in Harry Potter after the main trio. Snape is one of the most complex and interesting characters ever written. Getting inside his head would be mind blowing!  

That's my list! I should mention, a lot of these characters do have novellas from their POVs, but I don't think that counts. I want a whole novel or series!

So what do you think? Agree or disagree?


  1. Awesome list! The first book from Peeta's POV would be pretty darn awesome! Not my favorite character, but getting something from inside his mind could be very interesting!

    1. I agree! He's so the opposite of Katniss, but he has to be angry. I think it would be really interesting!

  2. Excellent list! I should have added Mik and Zuzana to mine. :)

    1. They are my favorite characters of that series, and their POV in Gods and Monsters was so cool, to see it all from the outside. And I LOVED their novella!

  3. A Peeta book! Lots of authors have gone back to rewrite their first story in the point of view of the male lead (Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Divergent are some examples). Of course, none of them have gotten published for various reasons, but it could still happen someday! Is it bad that I don't recognize most of those characters? I haven't read all those books! lol As for who I'd like to have their own book/series? That's a tough call...I'll have to get back to you! :D

    1. I recommend all of these Tender Wolf! And yes, a Peeta book would be awesome!


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