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Monday, November 24, 2014

Captive by Leigh Talbert Moore

YA  Fantasy
Behind the Stars #1
My Rating: 4 stars

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Prentiss Puckett is certain of three things:
-Graduation is two weeks away.
-Summer only gets hotter in south Mississippi.
-She’s getting a job with air-conditioning.

She did not expect to be kidnapped walking to work. 
And she never expected to become a hero.

My 2 Cents

Captive is the first installment of a serial, Behind the Stars. I didn't know too much about it going in, which was probably a good thing, because that's really helped the suspense!

In this first part, Captive, Prentiss is a fairly ordinary hick type girl. She has a boyfriend, Jackson, knows all about farming (Jackson's supposed to inherit his Dad's farm eventually, so all their plans include that) and also works part time with the town vet. Its these skills that become very important later on.

On a normal routine day, Prentiss is kidnapped and wakes up to a "farming concentration camp" is the best way to describe it. Its full of kids from her town, including her brother and some other friends, but Jackson is not there. No one knows what's going on, but they are assigned work shifts in the dairy barn, potato fields, and corn fields. They also appear to have been drugged as most kids seem almost zombie like.

Prentiss is not one of these kids. She spends most of this installment trying to figure out how to bust out of the camp. But what she learns just creates more questions...

So far I'm liking this story. The mystery element really has me hooked, and I really like Prentiss as a character. We also get flashbacks of her and Jackson, whom I like as well. I have a few theories as to what's going to happen next, but nothing concrete. I can't wait to find out!

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  1. This sounds interesting...I think I'm going to add it to my ever-growing tbr.

    By the way, I’ve tagged you for The Christmas Carol Book Tag! http://never-anyone-else.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-christmas-carol-book-tag.html


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