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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Little Trip Down Memory Lane...

When I was in 8th grade, our family moved to Story City, IA, which was a pretty big culture shock for me.  But I did get something great out of it--attending one of the best academic school in the area, and being taught by some really great teachers!  (As opposed to my previous school in Marion, which had some of the crappiest teachers--at the time, anyways!)

My 8th grade English teacher was Mr. Pierce.  He was the kind of teacher that EXPECTED excellence from everyone in his class.  When we took a test on something he taught, if you missed even one question, you would take it again next week.  You didn't move on until you knew everything he taught.  I arrived just in time for the Greek Mythology unit, which was definitely one of the most memorable things I remember about school.  Mr. Pierce did everything possible to make it fun.

So the other day on Facebook, one of my classmates posted a video of him, and he hasn't changed a bit!  He is an amazing guy, and I thought I would post the video here for all of you to maybe get a little inspired!  Mythology has really been a big theme in books the past few years, and after watching this, maybe you'll understand exactly why I love it so much! Enjoy!

Weekly Social Dose # 9 With Jerry Pierce from Dallas J. Moore on Vimeo.


  1. I did love Mythology in school, too. We even have that Parade of Characters and I was Helen of Troy. :) That was an inspiring video, Jenny!

    1. Thanks, Dre, that parade sounds like it would have been fun!


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