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Monday, November 4, 2013

Q&A Author Events

Join me for some awesome upcoming author Q&A sessions!  My favorite group, David Estes Fan Group and YA Book Lovers Unite, is hosting some amazing events in the next few months!

Jennifer A. Neilsen's event has already started and runs through Nov. 10th.  She has already answered some questions, and we've learned more about a movie deal and her next series, which sounds awesome!

Here's the question I asked and her answer!

Hi, Jennifer, I'm so excited that you came to our group! I loved reading both the False Prince and The Runaway King so much! I really loved Sage as a character! What do you like best about Sage, and what was your favorite part about writing him? 

Thanks for reading, Jenny! I have loved writing Sage. What's most interesting to me about him is that Sage is a study in opposites. Whatever trait he has on one end of the scale, he usually has its opposite too. So he's very tough, but also really vulnerable. He's brilliant, but can be stupid about some things too (girls). He is compassionate, yet he does not suffer fools. And so on. So that dichotomy makes him really interesting to write.

My favorite part about writing him is that he can be very unpredictable, even to me. Before writing, I might put something together in an outline, thinking it seemed like a good idea, but once I get into it, Sage will push in another direction. I love finding out what he's going to do next, since it's not always what I expect! 

You can join in the discussion HERE

We also have an event planned with Ilsa J. Bick!  This one runs from Nov. 11-17th
You can join in HERE

And I'm SUPER EXCITED for this one!  Marissa Meyer is swinging by our group from Nov. 18-24th!!!
You can join in the discussion HERE

And we also have Hugh Howey stopping by from Dec. 11-17th!
You can join in HERE

And we have more upcoming next year, so stay tuned!  And seriously, you may want to think about joining our Goodreads group, we have so much fun talking about YA books!


  1. Great post Jen, I am really enjoying Jennifer's responses and can't wait for the rest of the authors too.

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    1. Thank you, Jeann! Me, too, Jennifer Nielsen is AMAZING!! I'm so glad we got to do this!


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