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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Bookish Resolutions for 2013

New Years Bookish Resolutions for 2013

I've seen a lot of posts today for resolutions, so I though I might make a few! First of all, I want to say how grateful I am for each and every one of my followers and fellow bloggers! This would not be any fun without other people out there to connect to!  I'm sorry I probably don't say it often enough!

Now, to the resolutions!

Reading Resolutions

  • Read 200 books this year. I feel this is a pretty good goal.  Last year, I shot for 120 books, and read 150!  So time to up it!
  • Keep up and finish all my challenges.  I signed up for several, and I'm hoping I can follow through!
  • Read more adult books.  Last year, I read almost entirely YA, which is fine.  But I missed my adult time!
  • Finish up several series I'm reading.  Vampire Academy, Sookie Stackhouse, Stephanie Plum, Rick Riordan's series, and there are several others!

Blog Resolutions

  • Try to review every full length book I've read.  I did a really horrible job of this last year.  I read 150 books, and posted 55 reviews!  I'm just sticking to full length book reviews for now.  I read a lot of short story and novella ebooks, and those are almost too short to write a review for.
  • Make my reviews more interesting.  I need to try a few new things.  Like maybe added quotes from the book.  Things like that.
  • Participate in less memes, but more blog hops. I do a lot of memes.  I've been cutting down the last month.  I will stick with the In My Mailbox for awhile.  I will continue Top Ten Tuesday and What Are You Reading Monday when I have the time.
  • Do more giveaways, and try some Book Tours.  I am participating in my first Book Tour later this month! 

Personal Resolutions

  • Make some more blogger friends.  I've been blogging over 2 years, and I feel like I'm really suffering in this department!
  • Keep the Mr. more involved in my blogging processes.  I've just realized how interested my computer geek hubby is in my blogging and reading. I didn't realize I was excluding him so much!  
  • Learn 5 new things this year.  I used to keep a bucket list of things I wanted to learn or do, and every year I'd try to knock 5 things off my list.  I haven't done that in at least 5 years! So now is the time to get back on it! I might even include some of my adventures in my blog!
So that's it!  Ambitious goals, but I'll be happy if I can implement them all in some small way! Go ahead and share any resolutions you may have, or share your link!

Here's to a fabulous 2013!!!


  1. Hope that you can check all of your resolutions for this year!
    200 books is indeed a high goal! Good luck with that!

    1. Thanks! As long as I keep reading all year, I should be able to do it! I probably would have done it last year, but I took a break in October and November. Thanks for stopping by!


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