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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Feed My Reader Friday

Feed My Reader Friday is a blog hop hosted by I Am a Reader, Not A Writer.

  • Just put up a post sharing the new ebooks you've added to your reader, computer, phone, etc.
  • You can grab the graphic I have on this post, make your own graphic, skip the graphic, whatever works for you.
  • I will put up a post each week that will include a new linky.  The linky will be set as a blog hop so you can grab the code at the bottom of the linky to include with your post IF you want.  These posts will go live on Thursday night so you can stop by on Fridays and link up your post IF you want.

I again, went overboard finding ebooks for my Nook! Most of them were free, I think I might have paid 99 cents for a couple--now I have to get to reading some of these to see if they are any good!

 There were a few that I couldn't find a pic of:
Love and Creepy Things by Nicole Poteete
Survival by A M Hargrove
Double Trouble by Deborah Cooke

What did you feed your reader?


  1. I'm like you I love the free ones too! :)You got some really good ones this week!! New follower!
    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Several of these are on my to read list. Hope you enjoy.


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