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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Spades by Kristy Evans

454 pages (on my Nook) YA Paranormal
Spades #1


17-year-old Calise Thomas grieves her mother's death. As she trains with Chris and his friends at a cabin in the woods, she realizes why they live in the forest - to hide their identities and profession. With each of them wearing a spade tattoo, she tries to investigate the purpose behind the mysterious mark. At the same time, her attraction for Chris heats up and things get sidetracked when she feels like she's being watched. Something unseen and heavy is in their midst, but no one acknowledges the foul, unsettling presence that grips the air. Instead, they take on their secret profession, leaving Calise to figure out who she is and what she's capable of.

My 2 cents

I'm not sure the synopsis explains the story very well.  Basically, its about a girl who is pretty brave and depressed, unable to live with her horrible stepmom any longer and how her dad ignores her, she tries to kill herself in the bathroom at an opera they are attending.  A mysterious man by the name of Chris saves her and whisks her off to a secret cabin in the middle of nowhere, to train for a new profession with his "friends."  

This sounds pretty sinister, which it is, but not Chris himself.  He is pretty awesome!  His friends, though--Tru, Kevin,and especially, Blu--want nothing to do with Calise.  This makes this new life for her pretty difficult.  Even worse, she starts hallucinating right when she gets there, and feels just off.  It seems the attic she is staying in is haunted, so it makes for a creepy atmosphere!

The story sucked me right in.  I really enjoyed this book overall.  It needed a little editing help, and the ending seemed kinda weird--it just kinda ENDED.  The characters and the mysteries, and basic plot was very good, though!  

I got this one for free from Barnes & Noble, but last I checked it was $2.99.  I would say it is worth that price, and I will be checking out the sequel!  3.5 stars!

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